lockdown view

Archive of window views recorded during COVID-19 travel bans, lockdowns and partial shutdowns.
Project by Swiss artist Timo Ullmann. Go back to website.


Take part in the project!
Record a video of your view with open window for at least 1.5 minutes. Use a tripod or stable surface, so the camera or phone doesn’t shake.
If possible record horizontal, FullHD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and with sound. Use wetransfer.com to send big video files.
With sending a video, you agree that Timo Ullmann can use it for his project, which might be shown or sold in a public exposition or online.


Send your view to:


The website «lockdown view» invites to a virtual window journey. Presented aren’t landmarks or touristic sites, but private views.  The videos show everyday situations, pets in a garden, an empty streetcar passing by, sporadic peasants. During his residency at the Cité des Arts in Paris Timo Ullmann began to film his window view and started an open call. In the context of the global state of emergency the recordings become individual documents of these times. The one minute videos from around the world are played randomly. Viewed in fullscreen, the screen of the viewer becomes a virtual window. In times of social distancing and restrictions on freedom of movement, windows and the internet remain as openings and access to the world.


Video credits:
Timo Ullmann, Roger Wirz, Matthias Probst, Maria Beglerbegovic, Margit Bartl-Frank, Lea Bugmann, Fabrice Buff, Daniel Bracher, Claudia Waldner, Priska Lussi, Antoine Bugmann, Esra Nesipoğulları, Vera Hertig, Kostas Papakostas, Nathan Jensen, Rebecca Short Corradi, Slavik Fokin, Rachel Smith, Judith Ullmann, Christa Kuster, Marcos Puga, Elena Grossi, Lia-Mara Bösch, Aleksandra Ristić, Ivan Iliev, Niloy Ahmed Prince, King Denny, Francis Rale, Rens Delaplace, Abdelbaset ait ben Ahmed, Othmane Azerdaoui, Anna Picca, Esther Amrein, Karina Castan, Jaume, Marina Woodtli, Anna Lina Signorello, Andy Oggier, Anna Weber, Natasha Rösli, Zeshan Sharif, Sree Okhil Chondrow Mohonto, Fin Mead, Hayden Keil, Roșca Mădălin, Kacey Gallagher, Kirill Tereshin, Faizal Nurrudin, Camilo Ortega, Pedraam Shaheer, Faruk Adeoye, Wu Sheng Jing, Wei Juan, John Hol, Nicolás Frigerio, Carreiras Silva, Makar Kirikov, Rehan Butt, Arif Sharif, Thin Thinzar Soe, Boris Guerrero, Alfred Schupler, Hannes Egli